NEXT EXECUTIVE/BOARD MEETING: Our next Board meeting will take place on Tuesday, September 26th, 7pm at the Denny Island Community Hall. All welcome!

For our members' convenience, below are the minutes for the Central Coast Chamber of Commerce (CCCC) Annual General Meetings (AGM) and Executive Meetings (minutes of the Central Coast Regional District meetings referred to in our minutes can be found here).

CCCC, all meeting minutes 2015.zip860.37 KB
CCCC, all meeting minutes 2016.zip576 KB
CCCC Executive Meeting, Jan 2017.pdf65.08 KB
CCCC Executive Meeting, Mar 2017.pdf49.84 KB
CCCC Executive Meeting, Apr 2017.pdf119.34 KB
CCCC Executive Meeting, May 2017.pdf454.65 KB